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Luis Bofill, Arsenio Essential

Singer Luis Bofill has the kind of voice that calls out for a good time. The Cuban native is a Miami nightlife institution known for his classic bolero stylings, lusty laugh and all-night-long enthusiasm. He reprises songs made famous by Arsenio Rodríguez on his latest sing-along, dance-ready solo album.

     Judy Cantor-Navas

     Billboard Magazine

 "Since he's been a resident of South Florida for a while now, it is in this album, Made in Habana, that he carefully sheds some of his Cuban roots in favor of the local flavors. While this is a straight-up party, you can feel elements of Colombia and other Caribbean spices in the mix. This is a good record, but Bofill's even better live, where his gleaming bald head rocks back and forth, sometimes in pain, sometimes in ecstasy."

    Abel Folgar, New Times, Miami

 "So finally this morning I got to listen to Luis Bofill's "Made in Habana." Wow. I need to listen to it again, but my first impression is that it is a gem of an album. Superb production, great songs, astounding swing. This is Cuban music made by young Cuban musicians (coming and going) who give a fuck about American mainstream pop....."

    Eliseo Cardona, independent jornalist, Miami

 "A well-known nightclub in Miami gave birth to Grupo Café Nostalgia (Naïve), who perform live in a fashion that adds to sophistication elements of languishing regret and 3a.m. smokiness and sleaziness, qualities found not simply in the group's music but in the resplendent voice of lead singer Luis Bofill"

    Fredric Koeppel, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis 

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