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CD Cafe Nostagia.jpg

"Café Nostalgia live!" Naivë Record 1997

Te di la vida entera.jpg

"Te di la vida entera" Naivë Record 1999

CD Son del son.jpg

"Costumbres" Son del Son Group BWG Latina USA-Sony 2005

Amos Eterno.jpg

"Amor Eterno" Son del Son Group Apollo Music 2009

Made in Habana.jpg

"Made in Habana" Independent 2012

Arsenio Essential.jpg

"Arsenio Essential" Independent 2017



"Divorcio" with Julio Iglesias Sony 2003

David Torrens.jpg

"Ni de aquí ni de allá" with David Torrens EMI 2001

Raul del Sol.jpg

"Caminar soñando" with Raúl del Sol Alumbra Record 2007


"Cubiche" (various artists) Independent 2011

Pepin Rivero.jpg

"Cantos Viajeros" (various artists) BMI 2018

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